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Panerai Radiomir California Watch PAM00424 Replica

Panerai's Latest Nostalgic Design——Radiomir California Watch PAM00424 Replica

Today we are introducing the most retroly designed Radiomir California watch replica in Panerai. Its model is PAM00424. It was inspired by the first Radiomir watch replica trial work designed by Panerai. In 1936, Panerai designed a special luminous replica watch for its divers according to the needs of the Royal Italian Navy. The Panerai design knock off PAM00424 pays more tribute to the past, and it is also because of this that we once again felt the beauty of the "California dial".

California Dial Replica

There may be many people who have not heard of "California Dial" before. Let's briefly explain to you what "California Dial" is. That is, the 12 o'clock position of the dial is not a number but an inverted triangle, and the upper half of the replica dial uses Roman numerals; the lower half uses Arabic numerals to form a strange but unique dial. It seems that the dial is divided into two completely different parts, but upon closer inspection, it feels replica exceptionally harmonious. This dial attracted the attention of many people at that time.

Replica Dial

Panerail Radiomir California watch replicaPAM00424 uses the "California dial". The entire dial is black and has an inverted triangle at 12 o'clock. The upper half is the hour mark of Roman numerals and the lower half is the hour mark of Arabic numerals replica. The time scale has only the minute hand and hour hand, indicating that this fake watch has a relatively simple function and smart and simple reading time. At the same time, the designer added luminous materials to the hour and replica minute hands, and the charm of "California Watch" replica is more obvious in the dark environment. In addition, the dial has the word "OP" directly above the six o'clock position.

Case Replica

The case of Panerai Radiomir California watch PAM00424 replica is made of polished stainless steel, and the entire replica watch looks round and smooth. The back replica of the case adopts a perspective design, equipped with a sapphire crystal mirror, which highlights the noble temperament.

Strap Replica

I chose a dark brown calfskin fake strap, that is, Tuscan leather, with beige stitching to enhance its nostalgia; the buckle is a stainless replica steel trapezoid buckle, the same material as the case.

At present, the world's major well-known appearance companies no longer apply "California Dail" to their new designs. If you like such a peculiar dial, also like this Panerai Radiomir California PAM00424, you can buy it as soon as possible, maybe one day it becomes a limited edition. If you want to know more about Panerai replica watches, please click www.replica-magic.to.

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